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What we are and what we do Empty What we are and what we do

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Started in August 2007 Brighton Easyriders is a group of friends (we are not a club) who use a forum to arrange ride-outs, camping trips, rallies etc.  We don't have official meetings but we do have regular pubmeets.  Rideouts are arranged in advance or just impromptu often involving breakfast or a pub.  We include everyone in our ride-outs, we don't go like a "bat out of hell" and make sure everyone gets back to the starting point OK.  We are more of a group than a forum and are not encouraging 'forum only' membership, it's the taking part what it's all about.  Having said that we do understand that people have other commitments.

Everyone is welcome and there are about 60 of us on the forum with a smaller active group.  Our meeting points for evening rideouts are Pyecombe Services The BP station on the south bound A23 (just north of Brighton) and Lewes Tesco.  If these places are within easy reach for you then you are probably within our catchment area (well that sounds a bit official but you know what we mean).  This probably means you are based in the area covered by the Worthing-Brighton-Eastbourne coast and up to the Sussex border including Horsham-Crawley-East Grinstead.

We set up this forum for a couple of reasons...

Firstly it is a place to arrange ride-outs, meets and trips and put some pictures up. Doing all this by text etc. is just too complicated and doesn't give everyone a chance to chip in. Joining the forum means checking it regularly to find out what's on. We don't send out emails you will need to check for yourself.

Secondly, because we are just a group of friends we don't have to be concerned
with official club politics, rules and regulations.

* All year round:- First Thursday of the month at The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes  7.30pm onwards
* All year round:- first Sunday of the month at the Six Bells in Chiddingly - around midday.

Pubmeets are also advertised on Facebook purely as a reminder.  Emails are sent out to remind members of upcoming events so check your spam filter just in case they get thrown into the junk folder.

Regular Ride-outs on at least three nights of the week, Tuesdays and Thursday and alternating Wednesdays and  Fridays April until September.

Regular weekday rideouts all year round.  Start points varying depending on where we are going.

Weekend rideouts happen most weekends, again starting points will vary.

Come to a pubmeet or on a ride-out and see what we are like. We are just normal people we don't bite. Very Happy   The pubmeets are open to anyone. 

Hope to see you soon.

Click register to join or email us to find out about ride-outs if you want to try us out first.

Please be patient if registering to join, there may be a couple of days before you get your forum account opened, the Admin team sometimes get busy (day job or out riding!), but we rarely forget!

Sometimes the reply e-mail may get into your spam folder so check there in case your e-mail filters have popped it in

Once registered please introduce yourself on the forum.
If you don't we presume you didn't want to be a member and the account is cancelled.
This is to prevent the forum becoming clogged with inactive users.

Email: brightoneasyriders@gmail.com

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